// the name's so nice, you say it (almost) twice //

Hi, I'm Tram. I'm Sydney-based user experience designer with a background in industrial design. I aspire to solve complex human-technology problems by crafting user-friendly products through comprehensive discovery of pain points. With 6+ years of experience working full-time as a designer for multiple consultant agencies, my biggest strength is an ability to stay unattached to early ideas and embrace feedback/criticism. This ability has enabled me to collaborate effectively with stakeholders and deliver design solutions that answer brief and are cost-effective.

Building application features that enable growth leaders to create seamless onboarding experiences for their customers
Product design | Application design
Enable fashion shoppers to find alternatives effortlessly
E-commerce AI
End-to-end | Product design | Responsive web app | Landing page design
Burst SMS
Define opportunities for Burst SMS to help e-commerce businesses communicate and engage their customers to achieve higher conversion rates ​​ ​
UX Research
Redesign dyson.com.au focusing on understanding purchasing behaviour and improving online shopping experience ​
Concept | Responsive web app
A Shopify widget for e-commerce stores that lets friends shop together and unlock rewards ​
E-commerce/ Loyalty
Responsive web app
Clique enriches online social shopping experiences by enabling a seamless sharing process.
UI design
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